A New Smartphone App Could Change The Lives Of Those With Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a disease that robs its victims of their memories and identities, causing a great deal of hardship and suffering for families. However, research shows that memory loss can be significantly delayed by triggering memories repeatedly in the early stages of the disease.

Using this concept, Samsung recently released an app that allows people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s to access photos captioned with important information. This lets them cling to their memories in one easy place. Watch the video below to see how the app is helping one family.

The app, called Backup Memory, works like a form of therapy by continuously exposing the patient to the past. This helps the patient’s memories become a little more firmly cemented in their mind, at least for a time. The app may be just a small step towards progress in dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, but it’s sure to help sufferers and families alike hold on to what they love.