Best Cases for HTC 10

When new flagships are available in the market, buyers rush to get them and add them to their list of new devices. This is because of improvement in technology and the constant need to upgrade to something that will serve the individual better. With every new flagship comes a hefty price tag. It is therefore not a wonder to find buyers investing in a good phone case to protect the new handsets from dings, dents and scratches.

But there are other factors such as maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the handset since so much goes into perfecting the design and hardware. Plus, if you have the latest flagship, you want to show it off, and that is close to impossible with bulky cases that protect the phone perfectly but suck all the fun out of having the latest in the market. It is not a wonder then that of the top five cases recommended for the HTC 10 so far, most of them are TPU cases.

1. Tauri Thin TPU Case

Tauri Thin TPU Case

It is scratch resistant, clear and protects the handset from falls as it can absorb a lot of the impact. It is a sure way to ensure that the phone does not look all scruffy in a few months. This is especially important for those who carry phones in their pockets or bags where there are other items such as keys. It is available on Amazon for $8.

2. Love Ying Ultra Slim TPU Case

Love Ying Ultra Slim TPU Case

Available in pink and blue, among other colors, this case is ultra thin which is great because it does not add bulk to the phone. The 5.2 inch handset is already quite big. It is available on Amazon for $8 as well. It protects from dirt, scratches and dust among other things. The variety in colors is great as you can still show off your handset and still add some style to it.

3. LK Ultra Slim TPU Case

LK Ultra Slim TPU Case

It is available in hot pink, black, clear, purple and mint colors. It is thin and thus great for use as it does not add bulk. It is also available for roughly $8 on Amazon which is a bargain for such protection and style wrapped up in one case.

4. Vinve PU Folio Leather Case

Vinve PU Folio Leather Case

A leather case not only adds more protection but also injects class and a business feel to the handset. The folio case is made of faux leather and has some inner pockets to keep cards. It can also be used in landscape mode which is great when one is watching videos.

5. Tauri Leather wallet case

Tauri Leather wallet case

It also has some pockets for cards and storing cash. It is more efficient as it can carry a lot of things you need without having to also carry a wallet or a purse. The case can also stand on its own, take landscape mode and is available in a variety of colors to give you that ‘pop’ you would like. It retails for about $10 plus free shipping!