Goodbye Blackberry OS! Hello Android!


Blackberry has used their own operating system as a selling point for their brand for the longest time. This started with the Blackberry OS which provided for multitasking in addition to supporting input devices. This operating system was abandoned for the Blackberry 10 which has continued to receive support from various users. The Blackberry OS continued to receive support for phones that run on it but it has not been incorporated in the subsequent models since. The same shift seems to be taking place for the Blackberry 10 Operating System as Blackberry announced that it is completely moving to the Android OS.

Blackberry with Android OS

For a while Blackberry has avoided the use of Android but it seems that the time has finally come for the big change. Blackberry’s CEO announced that they would be releasing two products in early 2016 and that both will be using Android OS which is a Google product. The Blackberry 10 will still be available and will receive support in the Blackberry Classic but it will longer be available in the newer models. This may be construed as a subtle sign that the BB10 system has not been abandoned completely. That means that there is still hope for BB10 fans. Although, it may be the same as the Blackberry OS which was maintained in previous models but not included in newer ones.

Why now?


One of the problems that Blackberry’s operating system has had is that it has been less friendly for applications and games, which is a major factor when it comes to purchasing smart phones in this day in age. The change to Android OS means that Blackberry users will finally have the opportunity to enjoy apps and games from the Android store which has a wide variety. The main strengths of the OS, among which were security and enterprise seem to have been outweighed by the need for applications and games. It is not yet clear just how Blackberry will be able to keep the strengths or whether security and enterprise will be compromised for the sake of using Android OS.

Seeing that there are a number of established Android OS phones such as Samsung, LG and HTC, Blackberry will keep the physical keyboard to act as a unique selling point. Most of the other competitors have their Android OS-run phones having a touch screen display, that is, a virtual keyboard.