How to copy your music files from your computer to your iPhone 6 for Free

The iPhone 6 or the iPad are very common for people because the high-end features and superior quality. However, the need of file transfer keeps on coming between phone and the device like computers. It sounds pretty easy for Android, but not so when you are dealing with Apple products. The iPhone 6 or iPad are however not so difficult to deal with if you are aware of the procedures. One can easily transfer the files between iPhone 6 and the computer or laptop with majorly two methods. Here are the ways, how one can transfer the files.


Transfer the files with iTunes

It is best to use iTunes to transfer the files from iPhone 6 to the computer.

The iTunes Settings

The iTunes is one of the best ways to transfer the files between iPhone 6 and the desktop. The first thing that has to be done is to connect the iPhone 6 with the device with a USB Cable. You would be asked for the first time as “Click Continue” to allow iTunes to read your iPhone 6 Data. You have to tap the “Trust” to continue. Once you are connected, you could go to the “Options” under the Summary Tab for media file transfers. You can uncheck the Automatic Sync Option and go for the manually manage the media files options for the transfer. You have to, however, apply the setting once you are done with it.

Media File Transfer


The importing of Media Files is rather very easy from the computer. You have to click the File and then add the same file to Library. This will transfer the music file to the library and on tapping the music on, you would be able to see all the songs. You can also Sync the media files under the Music option in Settings. You can select the Sync Music option to sync the transferred files.

Transfer without iTunes

There are ranges of tools available for the iPhone 6 that can be used for the file transfers. You can easily add the files from computers to the iPhone 6 and vice versa for whatsoever files you want to transfer. These apps are secured and highly efficient and that can help you to transfer files in short time. These tools can be easily managed. However, one must connect the iPhone 6 to the computer for sharing the files. You can use the Google Drive as well along with tools facilitate the transfer of the files. These apps are available under App Store. There are many free apps available under the App store. These apps can facilitate the music files transfer for free. However, you must have internet connection on your iPhone 6 to get the music files transferred.

People often get the need to transfer the files between iPhone 6 and PC. The iPhone 6 is known for high secured features and that may stop you to access files very easily. However, these are simple and free methods to transfer your music files between your iPhone 6 and Computer. You can always increase your music collection on your iPhone 6 from the computer.

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