What does the iPhone 7 Plus need to compete with the Note 7?

iphone 7 vs galaxy note 7

The iPhone 7, Apple’s new flagship is expected in September while the Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung is expected in August. This gives Samsung ample time to generate interest in the phone market before Apple release its flagship. It will be a tall order for the iPhone 7 Plus to live up to the Note 7’s standard, especially going by the rumors of what each of the two phablets has in terms of design and specification.


  • Waterproof and dustproof capabilities


The iPhone 7 Plus would need to be waterproof and dustproof in order to compete with the Note 7. Going by the rumors, the Note 7 has IP68 protection which ensures that slips into water do not translate into death of the device. Apple are rumored to be working on their waterproof flagship for 2017 which means that the iPhone 7 Plus will not have this feature, making it less attractive compared to the Note 7.


  • Processor


While Apple devices are known to have powerful chipsets, the iPhone 7 Plus will have to step up to the plate if it is to compete against Samsung’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 823 processor which is a beast! It is a step higher from the Snapdragon 820 which is in the S7 and performed for 10-nm technology.


  • Internal storage and expandable memory


The basic model for the iPhone 7 Plus spots 16 GB internal memory whereas the basic model of the Note 7 has 64 GB of internal memory. This is a huge gap. Other internal memory variants of the iPhone 7 Plus might save the day for Apple on this front by reducing the gap between them and Samsung. Apple would also place the iPhone 7 Plus in a competitive space if it were to include expandable memory. The Note 7 can take up to even 256 GB in SD card as expandable or external memory, making it the more preferred option.


  • Iris scanner


Security is important and Apple is lagging behind Samsung on this. The Note 7 has both a fingerprint sensor and an iris scanner as a means of unlocking the phone. The iPhone 7 Plus is rumored to have a fingerprint sensor but this is common in most smart devices. Apple would benefit a great deal by having an iris scanner to boost security on the iPhone 7 Plus so it can stand up against the Note 7.


  • Battery life


While the iPhone 7 Plus has 3100 mAh, the Note 7 is rumored to have 4200 mAh battery capacity. This is significantly higher than that of the iPhone 7 Plus. Battery power is important to smart gadget users. No one wants to be stuck with external battery storage such as power banks because of an unreliable battery.

The iPhone 7 Plus will have a challenge catching up to the Note 7 as it will be released later and will have less impressive specs than those of the Note 7. However, Apple can rely on Apple-product-enthusiasts to but the iPhone 7 Plus.


UPDATE: The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was unveiled on August 2.