Sales Performance: Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6

Samsung and Apple have always battled in the smartphone market for the supremacy. Samsung has made enough ground in last few years to become the global leader but Apple has kept coming with iPhones and made sure iPhone remains a brand to be anticipated for. Samsung has now thrown all the efforts to derail the iPhone and has launched Samsung Galaxy S6 in the market against iPhone 6S. But has it faired? In terms of popularity and sales, Samsung might need to look back at the strategies again.


Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 6 Sales comparison

samsung iphone 6


Samsung Galaxy S6 was launched in April 2015 to beat the might competitor Apple iPhone 6 which was launched in September 2014. However, the sales progression report has not so shinning report for Samsung. According to the leading Newspaper in Hong Kong, Samsung shipped about 10 million units within three months of launch and all were sold. However, the figure looks absolutely bleak when the iPhone 6 record is compared for September 2015, a year after it was unveiled. Apple released the sales figure as 13 million units. Apple is expanding the release of iPhone 6 in 125 more countries and has already released in many countries recently. The sales figures are still on the rise as the markets are not yet explored. Samsung Galaxy S6 was initially released in 25 countries and came out with good figure as far as Galaxy S5 figures are concerned. However, the experts believe that the sales are drying up and expected sold units of Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge would end up somewhere between 40-60 million. On the other side, iPhone 6 may very well cross the magical 100 million figures if the reports are to be believed.


Why is Samsung lagging behind iPhone 6?


This is one of the most crucial debates that Tech industry is brainstorming. Samsung has ensured high-end technologies with Galaxy S6 and unveiled the smartphone. However, it has again failed to cross the popularity of the iPhone. There are certain fields where Samsung is lacking and that must be taken into consideration.


Frequent Release

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Samsung Galaxy S6 was the 10,456th smartphone released by the South Korean giant ever since it has entered the market. However, Apple iPhone 6 was the 11th smartphone from the manufacturer. The frequent release of the Samsung has slowly but definitely taken away the premier brand reputation. If the sales figures of overall Samsung are observed then mid-range smartphones like J Series have done better than the high-end smartphones. On the other hand, Apple has maintained the reputation of being one of the best and premier brands throughout the year.


Too much experiment


Samsung has made too many experiments on the features and specification and that has resulted in divided opinions about the quality and trust. Apple understood that the key is to maintain the impression and did not try anything that may harm the reputation. Even now, there is hardly any doubt among people over Apple’s quality.




Apple promotes the iPhone in royal style and explains the best of iPhone. They have made iPhone bigger than name. Today, iPhone is a bigger brand than Apple just because of the promotional strategy. Samsung has miserably failed to do that.
Samsung is always ready for locking horn with Apple and it will be interesting to see the strategy of the Korean Tech Giant to tackle Apple from its course.