Samsung Galaxy S7 First Impressions

samsung galaxy s7 review

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has warmed its way into the hearts of all those who were eagerly awaiting its release. So far, so good. We have seen the great new features and the beautiful design, but ultimately what will tell is time and continued use of the handset.


The design does not differ much from the S6’s. There are many similarities in design for the two handsets. The S7 uses a glass and aluminum body just as the S6 did. However, there are some key features that have been included such as the micro SD card support which was absent in the S6 due to the change in design from the previous Galaxy models such as the S4 and S5. The S7 has found a way to have both a great design and micro SD card support as well. The S7 also has a flat camera at the back as opposed to the S6 which protruded outwards slightly causing the phone to be raised instead of able to lie flat on a surface.

Also, the edges on the S7 curve towards the frame which makes this handset less slippery. It also fits more natural in the palm of one’s hands. The fingerprint scanner and the heat rate monitor have remained the same.

One of the most distinct differences in the two phones is that the S7 is waterproof – IP68 certified. This is quite impressive.

Battery life

While both the S6 and the S7 do not support a removable battery, the S7 has greater capacity to store charge through its 3000 mAh battery. This has the effect that the S7 is thicker although not too significantly than the S6. The S7 has quick charge which charges the battery from zero to thirty percent in under thirty minutes. To top it all off, the S7 also has wireless charging.

Camera and performance

While the S6 had a 16 MP camera, the S7 comes in with a 12 MP camera. This provides for lower pixels but, the S7 redeems itself through the dual pixel technology. This technology makes images clearer despite the lower resolution. It also has a nice sensor which provides for high quality images even in areas where lighting is problematic. To cap it all off, the S7 has higher pixel density per inch which makes it super compared to the S6 when it comes to taking photographs.

samsung galaxy s7 edge camera

As for the processor, the S7 uses the Snapdragon 820, Exynos 8890 as compared to the 7420 Exynos 7420 processor that was present in the S6. It has 4 GB RAM which is quite sizeable compared to the S6’s 3 GB RAM and runs on Android Marshmallow.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 is an improvement from the previous S6. It is a great purchase but one must be prepared to part with an arm and a leg. It is worth upgrading to the S7 but it is not entirely necessary for someone who has an S6 but does not have a lot of money to spend on another flagship within the year.