Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. LG G6

samsung galaxy s8 vs lg g6

The Mobile World Congress has come and gone. With it came some great announcements such as the LG G6 which has people talking. Samsung announces the S8 on March 29 and this is also highly anticipated. Both phones are supposed to go on sale in April which places them neck and neck. For anyone who would like to upgrade to a flagship, these are the models to look out for and with good reason.

The question, however, is if any is better than the other or if they are the same. Some of the differences and similarities are:

Display and Design

The S8, at 5.8 inches will have curved edges and an improved screen to body ratio. It will be 69.6 mm thick, just like the S7 making handling easier even though it is bigger than its predecessor. The LG G6, at 5.7 inches is also impressive with an improved screen to body ratio.And once you unlock your LG G6, you will see those crisp and clear images!

Both devices offer high quality displays with the S8 at 506 ppi pixel density and the G6 at 564 ppi which is much sharper. They are both waterproof with the Samsung Galaxy S8 taking the cake because of its IP68 rating, the best in the market so far when it comes to mobile phones.

Hardware, Software and Storage

The S8 will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip or Exynos 8895 depending on the region. It will also have 64 GB of internal storage and a speculation of 4, 6 or 8 GB RAM. On the other hand, the G6 has 4 GB RAM, 32 and 64 GB internal storage options and will have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chip. However, both will have expandable external memory by microSD card support.

Both models launch on Android Nougat but with a bit of a difference. While the LG G6 will have the UX 6.0 overlay, the S8 will have the TouchWiz Bloatware. The user interfaces will definitely differ but they are likely to have some similarities that cause them both to enhance the user’s experience on each device.

Battery Power and Personal Assistant

Speculation about the S8 battery is that it could maintain the S7’s 3000mAh battery or go further and have 3250mAh or even 4200mAh. The last option would place the S8’s battery light years ahead of the G6’s in terms of capacity. If the S8 turns out to have either of the first two, then the G6 has an edge over its competitor by a few mAh. Whichever the case,each of these are sufficient to cater to the needs of the users as they are within the range of battery power in the most current flagships.

When it comes to having personal assistants, Apple has always led the pack with Siri. LG and Samsung have joined the race with their new flagships. The S8 features Bixby, a voice assistant while the LG G6 comes with Google Assistant.


On pricing, based on the LG G5 and the Samsung S7, it is likely that the S8 will be more expensive than the G6. The G6 is also likely to be more expensive than its predecessor because the company has really made an impression with the G6 as opposed to the underwhelming response received for the G5 in the previous year.