Windows Phones vs Android Phones

When it comes to mobile phones, the operating system comes before the features. Windows is trying hard to establish in the market where Android is dominating. Microsoft is, however, trying everything to get along and with the new Windows 8.1 OS, it has made significant progress. However, Android is not in relaxing mode too, the latest Lollipop 5.1 has ranges of offers. But the phone performance for Windows and Android must be compared. Well, a comparison is required.

Start Screen


Windows Phones have the best Live Tiles and Start Screen. The user experience is beautiful. It feels good to use the phone screen and it is quite easy to use as well. However, the Android phone, on the other hand, has many empty spaces.

Application System

But the system does not make something huge for the Windows. The Application Ecosystem of the Windows is very pure. The phone has the incredible space but space is not filled by the apps. There are many important and popular apps that are missing in Windows. Snapchat, Sound Cloud, Square, Pinterest and many are yet to come to Windows Phone. However, there is hardly any app that is not available for Android. Recently few of the apps are making way for Windows phone as well.


Windows Phones are quite simple in design and that is appealing. However, the Android phones are also simple and fascinating. However, when compared to Windows, Android lags behind.


This is a major difference between the two phones. If you have an Android Phone then you can use the smartphone for many purposes. It is compatible with almost every other hardware device available. You can use other devices like fitness devices and others with your Android Phone. However, when it comes to the Windows Phone, the compatibility is quite low. There are many devices that do not support the windows phone. This can be a big disadvantage for the Windows Phones. Microsoft is, however, working to fix this issue, but many things needed to be done.



As far as the customization is concerned, Windows Phone is not better than the Android. The Start Screen and the Live Tiles can be customized pretty easily for Windows Phone. However, the unlock screen cannot be customized in Windows Phone cannot be rated better than Android.


When it comes to multitasking, there is hardly anything better than the Android. Android has been designed very gracefully to ensure the multitasking capabilities. The endurance and load capabilities of the mobile phones are also incredible. However, the Windows Phones are not up to the mark in terms of multitasking even after the release of the Windows 8.1 OS for mobile.


The adaptation of Android Mobile is very fast for Android. Microsoft is trying to improve on this but Windows phones still lack in this area.

Overall, Android Phones are mostly found in the world. Features of the phones are the major advantages of the phones. Windows, on the other hand, has failed to capture the market but aggressive marketing and strategic productivity can influence the result for Microsoft in near future.